Saturday, April 2, 2011

The End.

After the last lab meeting, two very important events followed.

The creative work presentation was the first of the two. This entailed that, as a group, we had to present in front of a panel the experiment that we decided to perform as part of our creative work. I, being someone that is not really comfortable speaking up front, was very nervous throughout the presentation. Fortunately, my groupmates were very adept at public speaking, supporting me when I needed help. Overall, our presentation, I think, was above average. Even if we didn't really showcase our best in this experiment, we made do with what we had.

The practical exam followed. This exam was very difficult for me. Unlike the other exams in NIP, this exam was not of the multiple choice variety. I hope that I did well enough to pass.

I have a few regrets for this subject but I don't really have to mention it here. To wrap up this blog, I just want to acknowledge this class as something that taught me to be more responsible. This class made me realize that being a physicist is not easy, yet the rewards in the end are quite fulfilling.