Sunday, November 27, 2011

On Optics and Ray Box Experiments

Our first Physics 103.1 experiment dealt on a very interesting topic- Optics. I, for one, was quite excited about it because I didn’t really have much exposure to said topic in the past and I was enthusiastic to learn about it. After receiving the instructions and data sheet from Sir Baldo, my mouth dropped because of the sheer length of the experiment. It was EXCRUCIATINGLY long- composed of six “mini” experiments. Topics included color addition (where we added RGB colors using a ray box), refraction (where we learned that it was merely the bending of light and that it governed a principle called Snell’s law), reflection (where we twirled a mirror around to see what would happen to the rays hitting it), total internal reflection and the determination of the index of refraction using Snell’s law. Overall, the experiment was very tiring. Even for a group of 4, the experiment took a whole meeting to accomplish.

The first meeting was quite a “new world” for me-- well it’s to be expected coming from Physics 102.1 which was all about electric circuits. Well, it’s a sign of relief because I never really warmed up to it.